Blog restarts.

It has been a year and a half since the last publication. There have been way too many changes in my inner world as well as in the big World outside. I guess, this is the biggest crisis I’ve ever observed in my life. Thus, I have been through some personal re-invention. What do I do? Where shall I work? What am I?

I changed jobs. Twice. From finance into tech and then into fintech.

I moved to a new home. Once. Then twice. Crossed the Pond.

I am done with the Professorship. Made it to being the Best Prof by the students’ vote. My only hope is to get back into teaching someday when my heart feels right and an opportunity presents itself.

I quit the board work. It was a very responsible and respectable journey. But I resigned and passed the ball.

Coaching is on hold. It was always fun and mutually invigorating experience. It will be back this year, I hope.

Karate is suspended at 3rd kyu. Oh, this is the biggest pain and shame that I have, since karate is a path, it is meant to be walked.

My kids are attending new schools. It seems they like the new ones more than the old.

The one thing though that remains.

I am back to reading books and posting reviews. This is the basic building block of my personality since as long as I remember. Reading books was always the thing that pushed me forward and pulled me to the next level.

Dear readers, thank you for your relentless support and help. Your calls, messages, comments and feedback has kept this blog active and alive for half a decade. Now it is time to get the blog re-born in a new language.

Why English, you will certainly ask. It is time this site and its footprint grow global. That is why.

See you soon, and expect the first review in a week.